Project Resources - Social Movement Learning

Learning is central to how social movements remain vibrant and connected to the issues they engage with. Social movement learning is a dynamic lens for looking at this learning, as it happens within and between movements, but also in the ways in which movements connect with the broader public or those in positions of power to bring new perspectives to their attention. Social movement learning is also the central lens through which the work of the CRC is theorized. How can learning from one effort, or movement for change in one context, learn from other efforts/movements in other contexts? It is the exploration of this question that has led to our focus on Trans-local learning.

Stop Alton Town Hall Tour Videos
In 2016-17, the movement bringing together Mi'kmaq water protectors and settler activists to Stop Alton Gas! decided on organizing a town hall tour across Nova Scotia. There were 5 stops. the CRC in Sustainability and Social Change Leadership helped fund the tour, and provided livestreaming for each stop. Here are links to each event.
Livestreaming Support provided to: Lunenburg offshore event
Livestreaming Support provided to: Halifax offshore event