Project Resources

This section contains links to useful resources in thinking about trans-local learning, sustainability, critical adult education, social movement learning, Indigenous knowledges and pedagogies, climate change adaptation, community resiliency, just transitions and climate justice.

The section also contains tools that members of the Trans-local Learning Network have found useful in building their capacity to address the challenges they face.


Creativity & Social Movement Activism

At the centre of social movement learning and a key point of connection for translocal learning is the creative generation of knowledge by movements building community resilience and tackling sustainability challenges.


Sustainable Livelihoods & Resilient Communities

A key point of organizing for many movements is defending livelihoods. In terms of translocal learning, building connections through shared experiences of defending livelihoods that are local, sustainable, and are about living with the land, air and water have been found to be very enriching.


Leadership in Social Movements for Change

In our experience, leadership in local movements taking on sustainability challenges is fluid and dynamic. Therefore the building of leadership needs to be understood as an always ongoing process of collective efforts, rather than the emergence of particular individuals.


Social Movement Learning

Learning is central to how social movements remain vibrant and connected to the issues they engage with. Social movement learning is a dynamic lens for looking at this learning, as it happens within and between movements, but also in the ways in which movements connect with the broader public or those in positions of power to bring new perspectives to their attention.