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At the centre of social movement learning and a key point of connection for translocal learning is the creative generation of knowledge by movements building community resilience and tackling sustainability challenges.

Pedagogy of Song and Restor(y)ing Hope: stories and songs as social movement learning in Ada Songor salt movement

"In the defence of an artisanal salt production practice, a women’s led movement uses narrative restorying and songs to share knowledge and document new learnings. This paper goes deeper in explaining three aspects of social movement learning in the Ada Songor salt movement: The pedagogy of songs; restorying the movement; and building the movement through knowledge democracy."
The Thumbless hand, the dog and the chameleon: enriching social movement learning theory through epistemically grounded narratives emerging from a participatory action research case study in Ghana

Imagery and proverbs are central to the women-led movement defending communal access to West Africa’s largest salt flat. In this article, locally-framed learning narratives are documented and explained within the context of the movement’s discussions about the way learning is disseminated.
Restor(y)ing Hope: stories as social movement learning in Ada Songor salt movement

Stories, how they are used, how they are reframed, and how they change over time, are an important record of learning. This article explores how a social movement in Ada, Ghana, has been using stories to both learn and share that learning through several phases of struggle defending communal rights access to a livelihood resource, The Songor Lagoon.
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